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Recruitment Empty Recruitment

Post  Trio Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:47 pm

1. In Game Name trio
2. Coordinates -136|56
3. Your travian background- played different com and in servers and backed by exp of 2.5 yrs nice team member and have played important role as defender during WW

1. How many players on the account? 2
2. How many hours of the day do you have covered? almost 15 hrs
3. What is your troop-to-population ratio? makin TT shortly
4. Do you use gold? Yes My dual and I will buy gold this month
5. Do you use Skype? (if not, are you willing to?) yes We use skype

Id demon32731
6. What style of player are you: offensive/defensive/mix ---> Mix
7. Tell us a little about yourself, and your travian experience.

Demon-> I am 17 yr old student from India and love to play travian have played various servers and have co-operated with allies in whatever help was required

gurdeep--> I have played mainly on com servers and .org servers our alliance had recently won on s8 and lookin for a great game ahead with you guys



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Recruitment Empty Re: Recruitment

Post  mulder Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:43 pm

You bill be contacted by me in skype



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